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Water Care Services, is a Total Water& Environmental Management Services providing company. Water is our passionand we take it as a nobel cause. We offer the largest variety of water treatment products & services available. Our scope comprises off Research and guidelines on water treatment tools, water softeners plants, drinking water systems, filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, disinfection systems and waste water treatment ways.WCSP qualified educated staff (engineers, chemist, environmentalist &fabrication team) provide with an energy efficient, economical and relevent solution.Trying to develop indegenious technologies, Water Care Services have a prominent edge over ordinary companies.

Water Essence

Good health is identified as a vital component of quality of life, and access to good health is recognized as a basic human need and a fundamental human right. Humans now have a more holistic view of the environment and any factors determine its health and their survival on Earth. Water quality plays their foremost part in that scenario.

Water Quality Service Provider

To be the leading quality water services provider. Water Care Services shall pursue and attain best service providing company by: optimizing operational resources and technologies, influencing and contributing to healthy water resources, ensuring staff equity, competence and capability,complying with relevant legislation, standards and guidelines, and building customer and community capacity and relationships.


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