• Project feasibility Report (Mineral water, wastewater, water treatment, juices, Beverages & Ketchup.
  • Work on all factors; risks & generating feasibility report for the proposed project.
  • Ensure project feasible by eliminating risks & getting maximum profit
  • Complete water analysis reports to make the best combination of technologies.
  • Planning & designing for water purification/ bottled water plants according to desired capacity & making state of the art plant.
  • Industrial Automation.
  • Lab Equipments as per requirement
  • Options available for both on ground & skid mounted plants even for very high flow rater 600 lpm
  • Variety of plants with customizable design from 5 liter per minutes (lpm) to 600 lpm
  • Best selection of components regarding to efficiency & cost, hence making Hi-tech product.
  • Can make potable water of  the best quality from even the worst source
  • Environmental friendly pre RO treatment.
  • Commissioning of plant for optimized functioning
  • Excellent sourcing for latest technology.
  • Very efficient ozone producing equipment & injection system.
  • Trouble free working & virtually fool proof water treatment systems against potential risks.
  • After sale services.
  • Best solutions for process water treatment to minimize non conformance
  • All CIP & allied chemicals Importer & manufacturer according to FDA regulations.
  • A panel of consultants available to trouble shoot any unseen emergency
  • Can produce water of your desired flow rate & required taste.
  • Complete mineral balanced formulation for refreshing taste & better health.
  • Hygiene Conditions maintenance & personnel training.
  • Site selection & civil drawings.
  • Complete operational manual & training.
  • Twenty four hours help available.
  • Always Focus on Customer’s Satisfaction



  • Complete sourcing for RO membranes, Sand filters, cartridge filters, Activated carbon, UV Lamps, bottles & many other allied accessories.
  • Twenty four hours help line for any quality control/ Laboratory problems
  • Help in controlling hygiene conditions in plant as well as in microbiological laboratories.
  • Prepare Platform for ISO 14000 & ISO 17025.
  • Documentation & application for national (PSQCA) & international certification
  • Provide all quality of the services in very nominal charges.
  • Crosschecking & evaluation of Q.C against standard external labs.
  • References are available through out the country on request.





  • Chemical Business Feasibility Reports
  • Image Management
  • Marketing & Sales team available ready to work on project base or on consultancy services
  • Your single source for New & used machinery.
  • Skilled HR bank in every field
  • Industrial Chemicals & Raw Material
  • Environmental Issues seminars
  • Your single source for your every industrial need.