Quality Control

Water Care Services Pakistanhas a modest water quality laboratory visit www.curium247lab.com. All Products are analyzed there under quality control experts. WCSP provide following quality control services to their clients:

  • Setup of a comprehensive quality assurance system to make sure the quality of your products for trouble free working.
  • By following a system minimizing nonconformance.
  • Total Establishment/ improvement of Quality Control laboratory for water & wastewater according to national/International standards
  • Establishing a full & comprehensive Laboratory management system meeting all the challenges.
  • All Laboratory equipment & instruments selection, sourcing & purchase in competitive low rates.
  • Calibration of Instruments/equipment
  • Formulation & Standardization of stock solutions & dilutions.
  • Establishment of documentation required by national/ International standards
  • Full training to the Q.C staff of laboratory
  • Mineral balancing formulation for a real taste.

Guidelines & trainings for Safety, Health & Environment

Quality Control pathway

  • WCSP follow PDCA cycle to ensure best quality by eliminating non-conformities.

quality control