About Us

Water Care Services Pakistan (WCSP), was established in 2007. We are a Total Water Management Company, with a rich talent of Water treatment, Environmental management, Food processing and diversified field with specialty. WCSP claim of A Total Water Management Company makes it’s distinguished and a single source of Industrial Water management with international credibility.

Water Care Services (WCSP), is an ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001-2004 certified reliable equipment and service providing company serving in Pakistan and outsides. WCSP holds National & International memberships and accreditations. We are specialized in Total Water Management comprising ofProject management, Designing, Fabrication of equipment, Installations, Erection, and Commissioning. Our focus is to execute projects on turnkey basis. Our scope of services in Total Water Management (TWM), Boiler water, Cooling Water, RO water plants, Effluents, Water treatment chemicals, Chemical-free water treatment, Quality assurance, Water testing kits, and Programs. We have more than 150 industrial clients spread in the region. We evolve & develop Water and Environmental management systems. WCSP own a high tech Water Treatment, R & D lab, where we develop relevant solutions as per industrial requirements, so we optimize and evolve technology not just dump it. We have qualified educated staff, including engineers, chemist, environmentalist & fabricator foreman. Our team dedicatedly work for water & environmental challenges and provide with an energy efficient, economical and relevant solution.

Our Mission

To serve our diligence with services that meet cost-effective technical as well as environment-friendly solutions for real problems & improves efficiencies to compete in the global world”


Excellency in Services, Strive to serve in an innovative, efficient & pragmatic way, to get in even better”

Corporate Responsibility

Water Care Services is a leading service provider of environmentally friendly water treatment technologies to the industry. Water Care Services includes engineers and scientists who have had many years’ experiences in the water treatment industry, involved in the development of solutions to water treatment problems.

Our innovative approach, ongoing research, and development of new treatment technologies allow us in partnership with our customers to constantly find new solutions targeted to the issues faced by the Water industry in Pakistan and strengthen our society.

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